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Discovering Starsport

Being a young sports and fashion brand, Starsport has come a long way since 2008. It all began with a belief that “Everyone can be a star!” which highlights and celebrates who You really are.

Starsport is about striking a balance between fashion and sports. At the same time, it takes challenges to a next level and encourages us to look at the sunny side of obstacles and life because all of us have the opportunity to make things happen. The brand wishes to inspire, support and celebrate people who are following their dreams, those who are born unique, and those with extraordinary talents.


Brand Concept and Identity

Starsport makes easy to wear stylish outfits, with something extra. That extra is what defines you. From the beginning, Starsport was born from a desire to create superior lifestyle and sporty apparel with a distinctive aesthetic design which not only support your athletic pursuits, but also makes you look stylish and flattering.

Reaching a young group of consumers from 8 to 28 year-olds, Starsport has a strong team of passionate and young forces who specialized in making affordable clothing and footwear that fit and flatter you, your life, and your passion.


Starsport Collections

Comfort and stylish are always an integral part of the design features of each and every Starsport gear. Starsport is committed in delivering wide range of technical gear including sneaker, backpack, traveling bag, football jersey, t-shirt, tracksuit, jacket, hoodies, shorts and most active wear which makes your individuality shines.

Starsport Lifestyle Collection comprises a wide range of premium design products from stylish cap, pouch, shoes, accessories to travel bags for everyday people, including modern men, women and even kids! Apart from providing exceptional quality, affordable and high-performance fitness wear, the brand also specialize in making technical apparel for football, yoga, cycling, hiking, running, training, skateboarding and other casual activities.

Starsport signifies a powerful strength of mind which inspires the youngsters to discover and out perform the "Superstar talents" in them. Brave individuals who were not afraid of new challenges and opportunities Rest assured that Starsport is very particular in developing their products with using high performance material for the high impact.

The products enhance and support your active endeavors with a combination of carefully considered design and fabric innovation — so you can perform at your best capability. At Starsport, it’s all about passionate of the performance, and believe that every passion starts with a spark. It’s the kind you can’t ignore, illuminating every aspect of your life: your family, your friends, your career, your community, and your sport. Starsport is here to make you shine, like a star.

So fire it up. Let it shine for you're a Star.